Registration Prizes

Registering to ride in the 2016 Zombie Bike Ride gets you automatic entry into a super awesome pool for some freakishly fantastic prizes! Dinners, Hotel Stays, Boat Trips, and even the chance to win a BRAND NEW Bicycle! Check out our list of prizes below. 
Your registration number will correlate with your Official Zombie Bike Sticker and if you're one of the Lucky Numbers ... you could win big!

Lucky Numbers! 

#300 -- $50.00 to Thirsty Mermaid
#500 -- Brand New Bike
#777 -- (Dinner, Bar Tab, Something Else)
#1,000 -- (2 Night Stay at The Gates Hotel & Rum Row Bar Tab)



$50 at Thirsty Mermaid
$50 at Antonia's
Blackfin Bistro

Hotel Stays!

2 night stay at The Gates w/ a bar tab at Rum Row! 

Gift Certificates!

$50.00 Gift Certificate to We Cycle
A brand new bicycle from We Cycle! 

Boat Packages! 

Trip for 2 on the Fury!