ZOmbie Magazine

The Zombie Magazine will be chockfull of articles, blurbs, and amazing photos from the largest participatory event in the Florida Keys, The Zombie Bike Ride. Filled with Bike Culture & Key West Absurdities, the Zombie Magazine is a 44-page, full-color magazine highlighting the 2018/2019 season.
There will be 10,000 in distribution from our trusty print partner, the Florida Weekly.
"Hades Helper" Partnership Level - $250  (Limited to 20)
1/4 Page Ad in Zombie Magazine 

"Dead Flowers" Partnership Level - $500  (Limited to 10)
1/2 Page Ad in Zombie Magazine 

"Long Distance Rider" Partnership Level
- $1,000  (Limited to 1)
Special Article Section in Zombie Magazine  

"Beyond the Grave" Partnership Level 
- $1,000  (Limited to 1)
Full Page Back Cover Ad in Book

"Undeadly Leader" Partnership Level - $1,000  (Limited to 1)
Logo on Staging Materials at Fort Martello and Zombiefest Downtown

"Super Freak" Partnership Level - $1,000  (Limited to 6)
Logo on Zombie T-Shirt
What began as a mere 70 bike-loving enthusiasts in 2009 has grown to be one of the largest and most memorable events in Key West for locals and visitors alike. Show your support today!
Email us today for more information about Zombie Magazine or to sign up for any of these new Participation Levels! 

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