Sometimes the truth is stranger than thousands of zombies on a leisurely bike ride.

1.  Zombie Bicycle Ride was originally a Jetski Ride

In its original incarnation, the ZBR was called the Zombie Jet Ski Ride. However, the event never attracted more than 23 riders as facepaint lasted only minutes, and decorated skis created dangerous flying debris that posed threats to riders and wildlife.  Organizers regrouped in 2010 opting to celebrate the bicyle and thusly the event was reimagined to the Zombie Bicycle Ride we all know and love today. 

2.  Original Florida Keys 7 Mile Bridge blown up in effort to slow Zombie Crisis of 1935

One of the greatest cover-ups in US history, the bridge was dynamited by Conch Republic loyalists in an effort to halt "zombie-like" influx of mainland tourists.  The Bridge was schedueled for repairs, but The HARK authorities are still reviewing the applications. 
Photo Credit Chris E Vargas 

3.  Zombie Births during the Bike Ride

No less than four babies have been born during the Zombie Bike Ride, including three during the 2013 ride alone!  Photo Credit @ Tom Flip. -  Zombie Mama Sarah Penston

4. Key Deer Zombie Sightings 

Key Deer dressed as zombies have been spotted on Big Pine Key since the Zombie Ride started in 2010.  The deer's intensions - whether in mockery or a legitimate desire to participate - is still unknown.

5. B-52's Hovering Around the Zombie Bike Ride

For those of you “Not Living” In Your Own Private Idaho - You can sometimes spot Keith Strickland of the B-52s hovering about the Zombie Bike Ride.  Photo Credit Mark Hayda

6. Florida Law & Zombie Love

Zombie Love often occurs on the bike ride although Florida law does not recognize any form of relationship between same-sex undead partners.  According to recent polls, the majority of Floridians support some form of legal recognition for same-sex undead couples.   Photo Credit Nick Doll Photograpy 

7. Simple Holistic Cures for Keys Zombies Brain Eating Urges

Need to protect your brains from Zombified Zombies?  Simple and Natural Cures:  1. Zombies love bicycles.  Upon seeing a bicycle, a zombie will begin to ride and temporarily forget about their hunger for brains.   2.  Contrary to popular belief, Zombies are remarkably well behaved around children.  In fact, the presence of small children invokes the maternal instinct of the zombie and zombies will treat small children as their own.  3.  Zombies love music.  Live music in particular.  An entertaining musical act such as FLOW TRIBE @ EAST MARTELLO @ 4PM on OCTOBER 19th, will also cause a zombie to lose their hunger for brains.  

8.  Zombies Natural Predator -  The Chihuahua

Bike Riding Zombies tire early, often exhausted from a full day of bike riding festivites.  This leaves them vulnerable to the early morning feedings by roosters, iguanas, and chihauhau's.  Photo Nick Doll 

9.  "Missing" Fire Chief, Bum Farto Sightings at the Zombie Bike Ride 

Key West's "missing" drug dealing fire chief, Bum Farto, has been sighted at the last 3 Zombie Bike Rides.   Although this cannot be officially confirmed, last years Thriller perfomance on Higgs Beach- Led by a mysterious Michael Jackson, may prove Mr Farto, is indeed alive and well. Just mostly a Zombie. 
Totally True Key West Zombie Ride Facts Provided by:  Mike Mongo, Trixie Little, Karrie Carnes, Evan Haskell, David Sloan, & Mark Hayda.